Friday, 15 May 2015

New Mexico

May 15th 2015.

We have been in New Mexico for the last 10 days and now it's raining. The weather has been unpredictable and unseasonably cool. When the sun comes out, however, the light is fantastic and reveals the spectacular beauty of the High Desert. The rain may be unpleasant for us, but the plants love it, especially here, where they need it.

(Desert wildflowers)

Wednesday was spent at Taos Canyon, just south of the town of Taos. The weather was good enough for some painting, so I managed to get a quick sketch in. The clouds broke and the sun was shining, and we heard a wren singing just off the path into the canyon.
Ravens, Turkey Vultures and Red-Tailed Hawks were seen and are quite common here.
Taos Canyon

Rock Wren

Rio Grande Gorge, watercolour

Above: Wholeleaf Indian Paintbrush

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